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What I can do?

I am Linda and have been involved in IT, Training and Web Design for 20 years. Every business needs a website, but not every website needs be expensive or complicated. I will work with you to build a website, and ensure you have the skills needed to maintain it and help grow your business. I promise not to use techno babble and provide you with recommendations to suit your business and budget. Creating a website is the first part of your online journey. My recommendations would also include a hosting solution, maintenance of your website and importantly Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Developing Websites

I believe in developing websites that display well across all devices and deliver a straight forward user experience. By using WordPress powered websites I am able to create a website which reflects your business. I specialise in developing websites for small to medium businesses so understand the need for non techy language.


SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of getting websites to the top of a search engines, for example, google.  I strongly believe that no website should be designed without the creation of an SEO strategy.  You do not need a limitless budget to employ good SEO which will reap long term benefits to your online presence.

Digital Training

I am a true believer in training, be it creating a mail shot, or administering your own website, a tailored training programme will assist you with getting the most out of the online tools you have been provided with.


If you need a new website, I can take care of the hosting requirements and the updating of your website.  Support, maintenance and applying updates toi your wordpress website is essential to maintain security.

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Linda Garrould

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