Website design, hosting & SEO specialist based in Norwich Norfolk

Providing Website Design and SEO in Norwich Norfolk

to fit your Business and your budget.

Providing Website Design and SEO in Norwich Norfolk

to fit your Business and your budget.

What I can do?

I am Linda Garrould and I specialise in web design and SEO for Businesses in the Norwich, Norfolk area.

Every business needs a website so they can be seen as an authority in their chosen business sector.  Through responsive website design, SEO, great content that engages your customers, your website will convert curious visitors into your Clients.

I have a background in IT for a Wholesaler and for Law Firms and have run my own business over the past 20 years.  This gives me invaluable experience not only from a corporate viewpoint and also from that of a business women. I promise not to use techno babble and provide you with recommendations to suit your business and budget. 

Developing Websites

I believe in developing websites that display well across all devices and deliver a straight forward user experience. By using WordPress powered websites I am able to create a website which reflects your business. I specialise in developing websites for small to medium businesses so understand the need for non techy language.



SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of getting websites to the top of a search engines, for example, google.  I strongly believe that no website should be designed without the creation of an SEO strategy.  You do not need a limitless budget to employ good SEO which will reap long term benefits to your online presence.


PPC or per per click is a form of advertising which creates quick conversions allowing you to realise your ROI.  It needs to be managed carefully so you are not spending more than your budget but can be used which your natural search results are improving via your SEO strategy.


If you need a new website, I can take care of the hosting requirements and the updating of your website.  Support, maintenance and applying updates to your wordpress website is essential to maintain security.

Website and SEO Client Norwich

Linda took over the running of my website a few months ago, adding SEO to make it more functional, and this was one of my better business decisions! Linda is practical, knowledgeable, approachable and a great source of advice for someone with such limited technical ability. Her expertise has been invaluable and she responds quickly and efficiently, never even raising an eyebrow when I ask her to change some minor grammatical error which has sneaked in! Thank you LG, it’s a pleasure working with you!

Linda Oram Therapies

SEO Client Norwich

Having very limited knowledge about websites and SEO I had a website built for me but it became clear that it wasn’t doing what it should. I met Linda at a networking meeting and she took a look at it and was confident she could improve its performance. Linda provides me with a monthly update of performance indicators, headline information on what has been completed and suggestions for additional work which Linda can do (or me if it is straightforward!)

I have found Linda to be very professional, easy to communicate and work with, and always willing to provide advice or suggestions in response to my questions. I have no hesitation in recommending Linda if you need help getting your website to work harder for you!


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