Domain names and Email

This blog post is a bit of an FAQ about how I recommend you set-up your domain names and email addresses. Q: You recommend Siteground for web hosting, should I also use them for Domain Names and E-Mail? A: You could and they would do a good job for you. However, I...

How to share access to your Google Search Console

I always recommend setting up Google Search Console which was previously know as Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) on your website. This is very helpful in giving some insights into how Google are indexing your website, showing it in search results, what people are...

Google My Business Listing

You are sure to have noticed that when you carry out a google search, 3 types of results appear: Paid Ads (listed at the top of the page with Ad next to them) Google My Business (the next often quite large block which are kind of directory listings that fit your...

SSL Certificates and SECURE websites

Google have announced that they are going to make websites that are not https:// appear as UNSECURE websites.  This undermines people's confidence in your website and can potentially loose you customers.  To gain SECURE status for your website, you need to apply an...

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