This blog post is a bit of an FAQ about how I recommend you set-up your domain names and email addresses.

Q: You recommend Siteground for web hosting, should I also use them for Domain Names and E-Mail?

A: You could and they would do a good job for you. However, I don’t recommend having your Domain Name registration and Web Hosting with the same provider. While it’s unlikely if there was ever a problem with your provider you would have all your eggs in one basket. Keeping the two separate allows you to move your website to another hosting provider without getting the current provider involved.

Q: Who do you recommend for Domain Names?

A: I’ve had good services from both and

Q: Do I need a or a .com domain name?

A: If you can afford it then you should register both. If you supply goods and services internationally then you should use the .com domain as your primary domain and redirect the to this. If you only supply goods and services within the UK then use the domain as the default and redirect the .com back to the site. If you need help with this please get in touch and I can assist.

Q: Who should I use for email?

A: First make sure your email address is using your domain name and not your ISP (Internet Service Provider). For example, doesn’t look professional and means that you will have to change your email address if you change your Internet Provider.  Web Hosts such as Siteground and 123-Reg can provide basic email hosting and software.  If you have been used to working in a business/office where someone looks after all the IT and provides you with Exchange EMail, Outlook, Word, Excel and more then I recommend you subscribe to Office 365.  You can do this through 123Reg, at the time of writing for £10 a month. They will set it up for you and keep it up to date. See so it’s one less thing you need to worry about.