You are sure to have noticed that when you carry out a google search, 3 types of results appear:
  • Paid Ads (listed at the top of the page with Ad next to them)
  • Google My Business (the next often quite large block which are kind of directory listings that fit your search criteria)
  • Organic search results (websites that through careful SEO and content fit your search criteria)
If you do not have a Google My Business listing your are missing a valuable opportunity to reach more customers.  If you have a business with an office that you are happy for customers to attend you can list your address.  If you are an individual or small business working from home, you can choose an area rather than a specific address.  Whatever, fits your business best it is FREE to list it on Google My Business and it is very useful from a local SEO point of view. In order to make this even easier to do, I have setup a user guide for Creating a Google My Business listing.  The specific address info is greyed out but you will get the idea.  If you need any further help with this or other SEO for small businesses, let me know at To download the guide, click on this link Google My Business Setup