In WooCommerce there is no single tick box or status field by default to allow you to take a product off sale. I don’t recommend just deleting products as this can damage your SEO where people have established links to a product. I therefore recommend you do the following:

  1. Make the product out of stock and do not allow backordering

2. Consider updating the text in the product to inform customers of alternatives / replacements. Also if this product is only being removed temporarily add a note to explain when you expect it back into stock.

This is important as the product will have been indexed by Google and other search engines and customers will still find it when they search online. If you had just deleted the product the customer would get a 404 Page Not found when they clicked on the item in Googles search results.

3. Consider removing the product from all categories so that customers don’t see it in your listings.

4. If you have the Yoast SEO Plugin for WooCommerce consider ticking the box to stop this item being indexed by Google if you really don’t want customers to be able to find this.