Is your current website looking tired and outdated – time for a website redesign?


As your business grows, your website may not reflect this, in which case your website needs a redesign.  Taking your business to the next level requires you earning more of your ideal customers.  Having a website that sets the right look and tone can help to grow your business further.

If you would like more business, I can provide a free in person or over the phone consultation to see how your website can help you achieve this.

This could include:

  • Listening and understanding what you don’t like about your current website.
  • Analysing the speed of your current website.
  • Making alternative hosting recomendations, if appropriate.
  • The design changes that will increase your conversion rate.
  • Content – images and words – receommendation of changes, if required.
  • How to get more customers to your website.
  • What your website definitely needs to have to.
  • Analysing the SEO of your website and improving this with a new website redesign.
  • Defining and implementing e-commerce (online store) function of your website.

To get started please download my FREE ‘8 things your website homepage should have’ guide and see of your current website ticks all the boxes.

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