I recommend SiteGround hosting as I’ve found them to be very reliable and have excellent support at a reasonable price point. SiteGround can do more than just host your website, they can also host your email accounts for your domain and they have some excellent tools to help you manage your emails. One of these tools is the ability to download set-up profiles for new email accounts which makes adding a new email account to your iPhone a few seconds work. Generally this works perfectly but for some reason it sometimes fails and it is then necessary to set the account up manually. This isn’t as easy as it could be because SiteGround use non-standard ports and Apple don’t make it that easy for users to specify the port numbers when setting up a new account. The instructions below should help you manually set-up your new email account on your iPhone with your SiteGround hosting.

What you will need to set-up your SiteGround email on your iPhone

  1. Your user name: this is your email address eg user@demo.co.uk
  2. Your password
  3. Your Domain name – eg demo.co.uk
  4. Verify you have these correct by accessing your email account using the SiteGround WebMail client.

How to access your email using the SiteGround WebMail client

You can access your emails online using your web browser by accessing https://secureuk61.sgcpanel.com:2096

(Update: September 12th 2020 – Siteground seem to have more than one webmail server now. If you can’t login using the above please try https://gukm1016.siteground.biz/roundcube )

This will display the login page:

Enter your email address, eg user@demo.co.uk and your password and then click login. If this doesn’t work then it suggests you don’t have the right details and you should go back and check these with your administrator or fix them in cPanel in your SiteGround account.

Adding your SiteGround email account to your iOS device

These instructions were written using iOS 13.3 but it should be very similar on all the most recent iOS versions.

Step 1: Settings > Passwords & Accounts

Step 2: Add Account

Step 3: Select Other

Step 4: Add Mail Account

Step 5: Add basic email account details and then press Next

On this screen, enter your name, email address, password and the description you want to see against this account later when you go into Mail. When you are done, press Next.

Step 6: Enter the server addresses, account details and passwords

Enter your domain name for both the Host Name fields, your email address in both Username fields and your password in both password fields. Then press Enter.

IMPORTANT At this stage iOS will attempt to verify the details and this will FAIL, this is OK.

If you see a message “Do you want to try and set-up without SSL”, say NO

Step 7: Press Save

-Ignore the warning and press Save and then Save

Step 8: Edit the profile to add the SiteGround specific details

You should now be back on the Password & Accounts screen, first seen in step 2 above. This time you will see that the list now contains your new email account.

Select your new account

Step 9: Select the IMAP settings for your new account

Step 10: Fix the SMTP Port number to allow you to send emails

Scroll down the screen a little way until you see the OUTGOING MAIL SERVER SMTP, select this option.

Step 11: Select the Primary Server

Step 12:Change 587 to 465 and check SSL is switched on.

Change the SMTP port from 587 to 465

Also check that the Use SSL option above is switched on as shown in the picture above.

When you are ready press Done and then Account

Step 13: Now check the IMAP ports, by going into the Advanced settings

On the Advanced screen scroll down until you see the INCOMING SETTINGS and check that SSL is switched on and the Server Port is 993 as shown in the picture below.

Make any required changes and then press the Account button to save the changes, then press Done, then press Accounts, then press Back

Job Done! You should now be able to go into Mail and read and send emails.