I recommend SiteGround hosting as I’ve found them to be very reliable and have excellent support at a reasonable price point. SiteGround can do more than just host your website, they can also host your email accounts for your domain and they have some excellent tools to help you manage your emails. One of these tools is the ability to download set-up profiles for new email accounts which makes adding a new email account to your Windows PC or Laptop a few seconds work. Generally this works perfectly but for some reason it sometimes fails and it is then necessary to set the account up manually. This isn’t as easy as it could be because SiteGround use non-standard ports and Apple don’t make it that easy for users to specify the port numbers when setting up a new account. The instructions below should help you manually set-up your new email account on your Windows 10 machine with your SiteGround hosting.

What you will need to set-up your SiteGround email on Windows 10.

Your user name: this is your email address eg user@demo.co.uk
Your password
Your Domain name – eg demo.co.uk

Verify you have these correct by accessing your email account using the SiteGround WebMail client.

How to access your email using the SiteGround WebMail client

You can access your emails online using your web browser by accessing https://your-website-domain.co.uk/webmail This will display the login page:

How to configure your SiteGround email on Windows 10

Step 1: Start Mail

From the start button, either find your mail icon or enter “Mail” and then click on the mail icon.

Step 2: Add a mail account

If this is your first mail account on this Windows computer, you will see the above straight away when you open Mail.

Scroll down the list until you see Advanced Setup and then click on this option.

If you already have one or more email accounts set-up, you will need to click on Accounts on the left and then Add account on the right as shown below.

Step 3: Select Internet email / IMAP

Select the Internet email (POP / IMAP) option from the Advanced setup page.

Step 4: Enter the account and server details

You should now be able to read your emails and send new emails. If you are happy this is working then job done and you don’t need to continue to Step 5.

Step 5: Fixing the port numbers

In the tests I have run using the latest version of Windows 10, it has somehow detected that the account is at SiteGround and automatically used the right port numbers. I wasn’t expect that to work, so in case it doesn’t work for you here’s how to change the port numbers.

Right Click on the Account Name and select Account Settings

Now select the “Change mailbox sync settings” option

Scroll down until you see the Advanced mailbox settings and click on this option.

You will then see your inbound and outbound servers for example demo.co.uk to the inbound server add “:993” eg “demo.co.uk:993” and to the outbound server add “:465” eg “demo.co.uk:465” and save the settings.

You should now find it all works. If you are still having problems please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I will try and help you.