Liz Bunn – Stylist and Colour Analysis


Stylist and Colour Analysis



It happened ever so slowly, and this I am sure will resonate with many women but one day you realise that your confidence has waned and your ‘get up and go’ is ever so slightly gone.

Well after several years of being a stay at home mum (a job I do cherish) I harboured a longing to go back to work and re-live those days were I added value and made a difference outside the home.

Re-training as a Colour Analyst and Image Consultant was an easy decision, I was already a ‘fully paid up’ convert and believer in Colour Analysis and the positive impact it has had on me. Making this my vocation offered me the chance to meet lovely people, share my knowledge, see their positive reactions and help them feel and look fabulous.

After spending a year in Asia, and helping many expat ladies along the way, I am now home and operate from my studio in Bacton. A casual, informal setting in which I will tailor make my service to suit your individual needs and requirements. Alternatively I can come to you depending on what you require.

Ok, so other than being passionate about colour and styling, my skills and knowledge stay current as I have access to a wealth of resources that support my business which I can pass on to my clients.