Liz Hollis – Journalist, PR, Copywriter




What I do

Writer, blogger, editor and PR expert for hire

Freelance journalism: high-quality, ready-to-use copy for your website or publication.

Digital content: great content that will bring readers to you and communicate your message quickly and clearly.

Copywriting: powerful communication by an experienced and trained writer. I can help distill complex jargon into reader-friendly persuasive copy for your target audience.

PR and promotion: helping you raise your profile in traditional and new media; press releases; media advice; help with understanding what journalists and editors really want.

Content marketing: bringing web hits and customers to you by creating great content. Inbound marketing:instead of looking for customers, create great content and they will come to you.

Blogging and blog ideas: helping you with what to put in your blog; ideas brainstorming; blog strategy; blog writing.

Corporate storytelling: devising and writing a strong story that will make customers love your brand.

Social media content: you know you need to use twitter, linked in, facebook etc – but what on earth do you put on there? I can help with ideas and content.

Editing: honing and checking your copy; preparing your brochure, leaflet or annual report for publication, checking grammar and punctuation; making sure it reads well