Liz Hollis Norwich Website Redesign Project

Liz Hollis Norwich Freelance Journalist & PR Agency website redesign

Project overview


Liz Hollis is an award winning freelance journalist and media consultant working in Norwich.


Liz had an existing WordPress website which had been developed a number of years ago. It was beginning to look dated but most seriously it was not a responsive design and did not work well on mobile devices.


From an SEO perspective, as of September 2020 Google have started to peanalise websites which are not mobile friendly. This means that all other things being equal, a website which is mobile friendly will rank above a site which is not mobile friendly in the Google search results.


From a customer perspective, many people find the products and services they need by starting their search using their mobile phones rather than traditional laptops or desktop PC’s.


Liz Hollis old website

This picture shows the original website which was not responsive.


The Solution

Using WordPress and the Elegant Themes DIVI builder I was able to create a brand new theme for the website which is fully responsive. This used their latest Theme Builder technology. This allowed me to restyle all the existing blog posts, portfolio pages and ensure a conistent end-to-end look and feel accross all the pages.

The previous developer had created a custom post type to hold the portfolio and given the amount of content I carried this forward. The custom post type worked well with the DIVI Builder.

I was able to remove most of the legacy, out of support WordPress plugins as they were either not required or DIVI already contained the same or better functionality, with the benfit of frequent feature and security updates.

The new site was developed on one of my development servers and Liz Hollis was able to see the new site emege every step of the way and feed into the redesign process.

When Liz Hollis signed off the new project I handled the deployment onto the existing hosting. The first step being to ensure I had a good backup of the old site in case anything went wrong with the deplyment as I needed to roll it back.

I used specalist software to transfer the site from my development environment to the customers hosting. This ensures that all URL’s from the test environment are properly changed on deployment to avoid any broken pages.

Delivering added value

To verify the results I set-up Google Webmaster Console. Before the update Google were reporting numerous mobile usablity issues. Within 72 hours of the new site going live Google had fully reindexed the site, and I had validated that the new site solved all the old usablity issues.

I also incorporated the breadcrumb system from Yoast which was also detected by Google and will further assist with the clients SEO.