Proprius Pilates, Therapies & Training

Proprius Pilates, Therapies & Training

The Brief:

The client had two existing businesses, one for pilates classes and another providing training. Both were based on Word Press and had been up and running for several years.  The requirement was to support rebranding the business and merging the two websites into one, with a fresh new, responsive and SEO optomised site.  Both of the existing sites already had significant traffic and the old domains had many inbound links contrinuting to excellent ranking for many terms.  It was therefore essential to plan the migration from the old sites to the one new site on a technical SEO level, to minimise the risk of damage to their search engine rankings.

The Solution:

I handled the registration of the new domain and various variants thereof for the client.  I had several meetings onsite with the client to agree the structure, look and feel of the new website. New photography was arranged for the new site and copy written.

The new site was created, based on WordPress and using the Divi Page Builder.  

When we went live, I provided redirects from each of the pages on the two old sites to the relevant new pages on the new site.  I also handled the updates to with Google. 

The new site was set-up with Google and Bing Search Consoles and monitored closes for the first three months to ensure the redirects and new sitemap were working well.

I also used Ahrefs to research keywords and to monitor the performance of the new site.

I provided hosting using servers co-located in the Google Data Centre in London and the Netherlands. 

As part of the project I also provided branded email and handled the transition of emails from the old domain names. 

I believe firmly in working closely with my clients to ensure they get what they want and need as part of a long term partnership to ensure the growth and success of their business.