Local SEO and Website Design for Reflexology Norwich

Reflexology Norwich (Web Design, Local SEO and Hosting)


The Brief:

Reflexology Norwich is a brand new business start-up which needed a website.  Research shows that most clients for this type of business search for and research local suppliers.  The new site therefore needed to be fast, responsive and well indexed by Google and Bing Search Engines.

The Solution:

I worked closely with the business owner on the content, look and feel to ensure that they had exactly what they wanted for launch. This was backed up with a hosting and website maintenance contract so that the site can continue to grow and evolve with the business.

The site was implemented using WordPress and a bespoke design created with the Divi Page Builder.  I provided fast and secure hosting, co-located in the Google Data Centre in London and the Netherlands.  My maintenance contract also includes security updates / patching, offsite backups, monitoring and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure fast access from around the world.


As part of the hosting package, I also supplied branded email addresses for the business and supported the client in setting up access to these from various devices. 

The site was built from the ground up to be SEO friendly and optomised for the local market that the company operates in.  SEO search terms and site optomisation was performed using the Ahrefs SEO Tool.  Through my maintenance contract, this will continue to be used post launch to track the performance of key search terms and to further optomise search and site performance.

My service and the solution is based on forming a longterm working partnership with the client to support the growth and success of their business through their online presence.