Web Design Norfolk

Making the most out of your digital presence starts with good responsive web design and and an effective SEO strategy.  

If your new website is not working hard for your business in terms of getting people to your website, or it looks dated and tired, then it could be time for a new approach.

I can help with a completely new website or a redesign of your old website.

WEA Norwich Website Redesign Project
JDT Website After Redesign

Putting your Clients First

I approach website design from the view that puts your Clients first.  It is essential that a website doesn’t just represent the your business but also addresses the needs, worries and concerns of your Clients.  Whatever your business is, you are there to fix your Client’s problems, leaving them more time to run their business. 

Effective SEO

Building in effective SEO as I create your website will help increase your search ranking.

There is no quick fix or overnight success with SEO.  However, carrying out an SEO audit before the web design begins, and incorporating its findings into the design will boost your online visibility.  

I also provide a seperate SEO service to continue your SEO strategy after your website goes live.


Liz Hollis Norwich Website Redesign Project
The Noor Company Fragranced Candles

E-commerce Web Design

I develop ecommerce stores using Woo Commerce.  This allows me to customise your online store to create an easy customer experience.  I have previously run my own ecommerce website.  Therefore, I know what it is like to be in my Client’s shoes running online shop and the multitude of skills needed to be successful.  

If you work with me to create your e-commerce vision, you will receive not only my web design and SEO skills, but also my knowledge from running this type of of business.

Responsive Websites and Hosting

All my websites are created using WordPress using the DiVi theme.  This allows me to create a fully responsive website that work across all devices.  This has become more important with the increase in people using their mobile phones to access websites.  If your website is not easy to navigate around, a potential client will simply go elsewhere.  That represents a lost sale.

To maintain uptime, it is essential to use an excellent hosting company.  Hosting companies that charge very low rates often run slow and out of date servers, which can have a severe impact upon your website’s response times and availibility.  I offer a hosting package using Siteground which provides excellent service and response times.

Liz Hollis Norwich Website Redesign Project
SEO and website design norwich norfolk

Maintain and Secure

Getting a website up and running is only part of the story.  Many people think that this is end and they can just leave their website to maintain itself.  This is not the case, your website will need to be maintained and kept up-to-date to avoid hacking attacks.

I provide a website maintenance and support plan to remove this worry from my Clients.  This includes backups, updates and an hours worth of changes per month.  This allows for imformation to be kept current without the Business owner having to make these changes.

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What happens next? 

  • We have an initial chat about what you require from your website. 
  • From this, I can provide a quote for your website.  This quote will include a website home page mockup so you can see how your new website will look.
  • We then work together regarding any amendments you may have.
  • Once you are happy, we will sign off on this part of the project, so the development can begin.
  • Once the new website is ready, you will have time to review it to ensure you are happy.
  • Again, once you are happy, we will sign off on this part of the project so the website can be made live.
  • I can provide documentation to help you maintain hyour website or you can choose to take out a maintenance package.
  • To give you a guide of costings, please take a look at my web design packages.

Work with me to create a better website for your business