Web Design  – The Process

There are many different reasons why you have ended up looking for a web designer.  

It could be that you have have created your own business and you want to spread the word about how wonderful it is and reach more potential customers.  You know you need a website, but you are on a budget so are dissuaded by the thought of a new website costing thousands of pounds.  

It could be that you have a website but you are under whelmed by the look of it or it just isn’t working for your business in terms of traffic to it.  You know that you need to change it, but where to start?  If your website is old and tired, you may want to start again with a completely new look. 

I can help with a new website or a redesign of your old website.  To give you an idea of how this process works, read the  ‘What happens next?’ information below.  If you want to get straight to the costs, take a look at my web design packages  I offer.  This will give you a starting point for your budget, however, as every business is different with different requirements,  please contact me for an informal, no obligation chat.


What happens next? 

  • We have an initial chat about what you require from your website.  After this I will be able to provide a quote for your website.  This quote will include a website and all the training you will need to maintain your website.  You will then send me any digital logo’s, photo’s, information about yourself and your business and any ideas you have as to how your website your like.
  • I will create a mock up home page design and also a website page so you can get a feel for your new website.
  • You tell me about any changes you require to agree a final design.  I will invoice you for 50% of the final cost of your website.
  • Training will be provided so you can maintain your website or you can choose to take out a maintenance package.
  • Your website will then be put live so you can get started, however, I will be ready to help should you really need me.
  • To give you a guide of costings, please take a look at my web design packages.