Website hosting plan

My website hosting plan creates a stable platform for your website, so you can get on with running your business.

Many of my clients run small to medium size business or are entreprenuers where every penny counts.  They need to make wise investements in their online presence which gets them noticed and wins them more clients.

After years of research and dealing with many different hosting companies on behalf of my website and SEO clients, I am in a good position to choose the best website hosting company to meet your business needs.

By making a good decision with your hosting company, this removes the headache of unreliability, especially if you also choose to have yor emails hosted by the same company.

I use Siteground for all my client’s website hosting.  If you have a query, I am your point of call.

What’s included in my website hosting plan?

The website hosting plan covers these areas:

1 - Up-to-date servers maintained and located in London

Siteground ensure there servers are maintained by running up-to-date software  which are located at Google in London.

  • This leads to quicker response times for your website.
  • Investment by your hosting company in maintaining the platform you have entrusted your website to is vital.
  • Hosting companies that charge just a few £’s per month do not always have the resource to invest in their own systems.

2 - Effective Support

As I host all my client’s websites at Siteground, I receive their very highest standard of support.

  • If I need to contact them on behalf of a client, I get a reply within minutes.
  • This is reassuring for my clients as that if a problem occurs, they are receiving this kind of support.
  • You can go direectly to Siteground to setup your hosting, but you will receive a lower tier of support, and you will have to contact Siteground yourself, if there is a problem, rather than contacting me.

3 - Backups & Restores

Your site is backed up overnight which allows me to restore quickly if there is a problem.

  • Daily website backups
  • On & off-site backup locations
  • Daily restore points
  • Protects you from failure of your hosting provider

4 - Improves your SEO and Customer Experience

Poor hosting can lead to downtime which is detrimental to your business.

  • Unreliable hosting can mean you website can look slow and as if just doesn’t work too well. This does not build confidence for your potential clients.
  • Downtime and slow response times can negatively affect your SEO.  It is an important part of increasing your Google ranking.

Hosting Plan:

£235 per year, payable at the start of the contract.  This works out at just over £19 per month.

Would you like to move to better website hosting?

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