If you have ever considered building your own website you may have come across WiX (and other site builders such as goDaddy).  WiX are excellent Marketeers.  Their adverts pop up a lot, especially on Youtube convincing potential customers of how easy effective web design can be.  

I understand that this kind of Marketing can make the idea of building your own website and maybe ecommerce store using their website builder a very attractive and easy solution.  If you are tempted, you need to consider the following.

WiX – Ownership of your website

This is the key to WiX and other website builders.  You are entering into a hosted system and an agreement with WiX, in this case, and although you may have spent hours/months creating your website, you do not own it, WiX do.  It is their website builder you have used via their hosting.  Therefore, if you ever want to move your website to another host you will be not be able to.  Your website cannot exist outside the WiX website builder.  You might say well that is fine, as I never want to move my website elsewhere.  However, as your business starts to grow you may need to upgrade your service with WiX and therefore, you will have to pay whatever they deem a reasonable price at that time as you will not have an alternative.  With WiX you do not have freedom of choice to get the best deal either financially or from a performance, or service point of view.    

When it comes to an ecommerce solution, you can add ecommerce features but at a cost and maybe not with all the functionality you need.  

I would strongly recommend that if you want to build a website you look to an open source solution such as WordPress.  19% of the Worlds websites are run on WordPress, whereas 1.5% are run on WiX.


WordPress is open source which means it is free and it is supported by an enormous eco-system of third party developers and service providers.  Therefore, you can get a basic website up and running for the cost of hosting.  Importantly, you own your website, so you can move your hosting anytime you want and you still retain this website.  You can pay one off costs for plugins.  A plugin allows you to add extra functionality to your website.  For example, if you wanted to add an ecommerce function to your website, you could use Woo Commerce which is an excellent ecommerce solution so you are not limited to WiX version of ecommerce.  

Therefore, with WordPress and the plugins it supports you are not limited by the choices WiX is making for you.  If you have slow response times with your website which are bad for customers and your SEO, you can change hosting company as your website design and your hosting company are separate.

In conclusion, WiX and other website builders are attractive as they offer a quick way to get a website up and running.  However, if you are looking for long term solution which provides freedom and allows you to retain ownership of website, you are best to look at WordPress even if you need some help to get you started.